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Store Displays Ahoy!

For one reason or another the price of most Nintendo store signage (NES and SNES era) has risen significantly…I have seen some items, which in the past have sold consistently in the $100-$150 range, sell for 2x-3x that price within the past two months. Are more people suddenly interested in hard to find official signage? Just an odd coincidence? Your guess is as good as mine, but the one good thing coming of this is that some nice hard to find signage is being listed on the bay.

SMB2 ClockWorld of Nintendo SMB2 Clock: This clock was a mainstay of Authorized Service Centers to help spruce up the storefront. It has an hour, minute and second hand and takes 1 AA battery to run. Without a doubt this is the coolest official Nintendo clock I have come across, and I collected the different clocks for a while. (Sold: $235.50)


Kay-Bee World of Nintendo Sign: Fiber optic!
Nintendo Logo Sign (Sold: $74)
NES, GameBoy/Super NES Sign (Sold: $164.50)
Chrono Trigger Store Poster (Unsold: $349.99)
Sonic Spinball Display Poster (Unsold: $9.99)
Sega Saturn Kiosk Sign (Sold: $24.99)
Final Fantasy VII Standee (Unsold: $249.99)

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