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Strategic Simulations Merchandise with Gold Box Games and More!

“What is Strategic Simulations merchandise?” In case you young’uns aren’t old enough or just need a refresher let me give you a quick refresher. In 1979, video game publisher and developer Strategic Simulations Inc (SSI) was founded by Joel Billings. Billings wanted to translate his love of wargames to home computers. Early  SSI games premiered on the Apple II and the TRS-80.

After a series of games that were written by third party authors starting in 1982, SSI began to explore the RPG genre. In 1984, they released titles like Wizard’s Crown, Questron, and Phantasie. Three years later, SSI bought the complete acquisition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons license. This move greatly influenced early western RPG’s. These games became known as the Gold Box games due to the use of the Gold Box engine. They produced a very popular line of games for the company.

SSI also had success with its wargame franchises Steel Panthers and the General series. After being acquired by Mindscape in 1994, SSI was later absorbed into the Ubisoft brand. In typical fashion, the mad, tyrannical giant…er, I mean Ubisoft…then proceeded to retire the Strategic Simulations name.

Here are some Strategic Simulations merchandise and SSI Gold Box games auctions floating around:

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