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Super Mario 3D Land Tanooki Mario Ears & Tail, and Skyrim Dragonborn Fleece helmet

Hot on the heels of this past weekend’s Times Square Super Mario 3D Land event comes a fresh set of listings for some cool swag from the event. Some lucky fans that attended the event scored a set of Tanooki Mario ears and tail. Reports are that supplies were really limited for these at the Times Square event. Despite the limited availability, a few sets are now for sale.

Next up is a fleece helmet based on the recently released game, Skyrim. The helmet is actually a representation of the Dragonborn lineage that the game’s player character possesses. The helmets were given away to some fans at PAX 2011, and they were also given away to fans that attended the midnight release of the game at some stores.

I can’t imagine that the items featured in this posting will be available very often. So, if you’re a fan of these franchises and are interested in these collectibles, you should definitely consider getting them now.

The Tanooki Mario Ears & Tail listings can be found here.

The Skyrim Helmet listings can be found here.

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