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I was at the Lego store down at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC today and decided to stop by at Nintendo World. As usual, I browsed around to see what they had and noticed that they had a Super Mario Yahtzee for sale. Not exactly sure when this came out but i’m guessing right after the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 though on the website it said that was added on their catalog on May 4th of this year.

YAHTZEE: Super Mario™ Collector’s Edition

It’s America’s all-time #1 dice game with a Super Mario twist! Shake the dice in the collectible “? Block” dice cup and watch the Super Mario icons fly! Will you roll a Large Straight with Coin, Mushroom, Fire Flower, Yoshi’s Egg and Star? Or will you roll five Green Shells? That’s Yahtzee with a Super Mario twist!

Game comes complete with a collectible “? Block” dice cup, 5 custom dice, score pad, rules and pencil.

Ages 8 to Adult

1 or more players

It’s slightly cheaper to buy these on but like always, shipping will kill the deal unless you have Prime. If you want to keep this as a collector, I suggest buying the Yahtzee Score Cards (set of 80) from Hasbro. The Super Mario Yahtzee does have its own unique cards. You can also go to your local thrift store and find yourself a regular Yahtzee board game for $1 and keep the cards.

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  • Nintendo Monopoly and the another but with a square box variant (both are out of production) and this one fetches for a lot more.
  • Nintendo Monopoly – different box, same game from the same company. these board game companies are notorious for changing their box almost every year. I believe this is the 3rd time they released this.


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