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Super Nintendo Whirlo (PAL)

Whirlo is noticeable for two reasons. First, it’s one of the rarest PAL SNES releases and secondly, the main character has a pitchfork.

I’ve never played the game, but from what I understand it’s brutally hard – one hit kills and difficult physics. It was first a 1992 Japanese release known as Xandra No Daibouken in and then released in PAL format a couple years later. It was never released in in North America, although I think a US proto was found at one point.

Auction Here – Loose carts normally sell for around $180 – $200 US. Not sure what the price in on a CIB copy. Seller is using a stock photo though.

If rare SNES games are your thing, then check out the SNES Rarity Guide I`ve been working on. It`s not complete, so consider it a sneak peak.


Near Complete SNES Collection – At $5,500 for 714 games it breaks down just under $8.00 per cart. Seems expensive when you think of paying $8.00 for NHL 97, but considering the expensive games, shipping costs and time to assemble, I think it is a price point that some people wouldc onsider.
Official Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Left Hand Gaming Glove – Fingerless so you retain your tactile abilities!
New 1997 Duke Nukem Action Figure – Hail to the King baby!
Atari 2600 Chip TesterThis is a small part of an incredible gift I recently recieved from one of the original chip testers at Intersel, a company that made the 8-bit chips for Atari 2600 game cartridges. Part of his job was to test the batches of chips to make sure they were manufactured correctly before the batch was sent off. That is what the little green tool in the picture is for. You drop the chip in, push the little lever to lock it down, and then it plugs right in to your 2600 like a cartridge and you can play it. The three working games are Breakout, Space Invaders, and Volleyball. That tape you see on each chip is the original label slapped on by whoever pulled it out of the batch to test it. From the looks of the handwriting, they were originally written by three different testers. He told me that they were testing Intellivision and Colecovision chips, too, which is why they say “Atari” on two of them. As an extra treat, I am including 2 extra chips that didn’t quite come out right. There is stuff on them, but not a recognizable, playable game. I guess they are the reason why this little tool and his job were both so necessary. I play my chips in my 2600 for my customers almost every day, and it is sooo much fun to watch people’s jaws DROP when I take this tiny little chip, drop it in, lock it down, push it into my 2600 and hand them the controller so they can play it
Midines Synth Cart NES Homebrew – Synth cart that lets you use the old Nintendo as a MIDI controlled synthesizer.

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