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    Super Mario Land 3D Event in Time Square

    Mario’s new adventure on the 3DS was celebrated last saturday here in New York City in the middle of busy Time Square. Thousands of people took a peek in Mario’s world in real life with awe and excitement. It truly was a great place to celebrate cause it’s seen by thousands of people within a […] More

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    Reprints: Tales of series

    With a new Tales of under their belt and Tales of the Abyss for 3DS that was previously announced, Namco reprints the older Tales of series. A little while ago, GameStop received a fairly large number of Tales of the Abyss but the company sold them as “newsed”, meaning they’re actually new but sold as […] More

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    Custom Legend of Zelda Chess Set

    Wow, two custom items in one day? Maybe we’re starting to hit the summer lull for sales. Anyways, I wish this chess set was available for purchase, becuase I would but this in a heartbeat. The creator spent a few months sculpting these beautiful pieces. Check it out! Link Speaking of Zelda, there will be […] More