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    Custom Video Game My Little Ponies

    My Little Pony? Yup, that’s right. On the off chance you’ve never heard of them, they’re a brand of toy ponies marketed primarily to young girls. It was massively popular in the 80’s and again when they were relaunched in the early 2000’s. Turns out that there’s a rather large community committed to creating Custom […] More

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    Custom Earthworm Jim Action Figure

    This is a sweet custom video game action figure. I love how Jim can actually use himself as a whip. For sale here is a custom-made Earthworm Jim action figure with over 30 points of articulation. Jim was made using the Savage Dragon figure as the base. He stands at almost exactly 7.5 inches tall. […] More

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    Mr. Game & Watch Action Figure

    This auction still has me grinning. It’s a sweet custom action figure of the Nintendo Game & Watch mascot, Mr. Game & Watch. Link Also: Super Mario Bros Milton Bradley Puzzle 1981 Mrs. Pac-Man Sticker Cards Boxed Virtual Boy Display Sign Sealed NES Chubby Cherub Some Sort Of Forza 3 Branded Racing Seat ModNation Racers […] More

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    Jack Bauer Joins Army Of Two (Now Three?)

    I watched the last three episodes of season eight of 24 last night, and was treated to what was quite possibly, the most epic two minutes of television I have ever seen. Jack Bauer in Ballistic Mask and Full Body Armor going commando and assaulting an armored limo in public, then kidnapping a former president. […] More

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    Custom Donkey Kong Action Figures

    Donkey Kong is at it again! He infiltrated Mario’s pad and nabbed Pauline while she and her plumber where sleeping. Needless to say Mario is pissed, he has had enough of Donkey’s monkeying around. Mario grabbed his monkey wrench and is on his way to torque some fuzzy nuts! This auction consists of Mario, Pauline, […] More

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    Custom BIG SISTER Bioshock 2 Action Figure

    Ok, you know by now I obsess overreally like Custom Video Game Action Figures, or even just Video Game Action Figures in general. In fact, it might become a subset of my collecting one day. Anyways, the Big Sister figure released by NECA is awesome in it’s own right. With a spin by Jin Saotome […] More