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    Skyrim Dovahkiin Statue

    This hulking statue of the Dovahkiin was used to promote The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda has a history of using large statues to promote their games – they also used a large statue of a power armor suit to promote Fallout 3. Hollow, so it’s not nearly as heavy as it looks. The ultimate […] More

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    Creepy Tails Statue

    No item on eBay jumped out at me tonight as a “star of the show”. So, for a very hefty price, you too can have a creepy statue of Miles “Tails” Prower in your home! This large advertising piece gives me Big Boy statue vibes. Can you feel the sunshine, does it brighten up your […] More

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    Blizzard Entertainment Employee “5 Year Sword”

    The Swords and Shields ceremony is a Blizzard tradition that began back in 1996. With this ceremony, they recognize the years of dedication and commitment of individual employees. Several times a year, Blizzard employees around the world gather to celebrate the five-, ten-, and fifteen-year milestones of their friends and colleagues where each recipient is […] More