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    Canabalt Physical Release for C64

    It’s not everyday that iOS game gets a physical release. Very very few of them actually makes it out of the digital download. Canabalt is one of those simple but very addicting game for the iOS platform and the game now has a physical release for C64! There are two versions of C64anabalt available; one […] More

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    Shockwave C64 Unreleased & Unannounced game from 1987

    Commodore C64 – 128 Shockwave unreleased sample from 1987 This sample disk is the first true unreleased C64 game I have featurde on gameSniped. It’s sold by an ex The Edge employee, a British software house that produced many home computer games during the late 80s’. From the seller: I remember seeing this game whilst […] More

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    Commodore 64 The Great Giana Sisters

    You may never have heard of this game, and it extreme similarity with Super Mario Bros. The similarity was so much that Rainbow Arts was forced to withdraw the game from sale almost as soon as it was released under legal pressure from Nintendo. The cover of the C64 version, even went so far as […] More

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    C64 Last Ninja 2 Limited Edition

    C64 Limited Edition game? With Ninja Star? Any LE that includes a Shiraken Star is pretty much instant win. To be honest I know very little about C64 collecting though. (Thanks ShovelThumb!) Link Also: Alan Wake XBOX 360 E3 Faceplate – Given to those who played the demo at this year’s E3, number 371/500. Turok […] More