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    Nintendo World Championships NWC Controller #1

    There’s a pretty cool and rare controller up for sale at Nintendo Age. To give a background of the controller: At the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, players played on special competition game stations. On the tour, some of these stations had special NWC control pads. These controllers were like a normal NES pad, except the […] More

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    Gold 1997 Limited Edition E3 N64 Controller

    The very first N64 Gold controller came from the 1997 E3 held in Atlanta, Georgia. Here there was a StarFox 64 competition where four people could compete at a time, sitting inside machines that were Airwing replicas. The winner of the round received this gold/black controller with a gold “N” logo. It looks cool and […] More

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    Sega Action Chair

    The Sega Action Chair is not something you see every day. This rare chair is actually a controller. Lean backward or forward to go down and up and lean left or right and it goes (obviously) left or right. Two handles contain the buttons for start, select, A and B. Basically, it’s a chair mounted […] More