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    3DO Demo Disc Program Binder with 14 Discs

    The auction is surprisingly low on info, but the pic looks awesome. Apparently the binder includes fourteen games: John Madden football (Electronic Arts) Jurassic Park (Interactive) Total Eclipse (Crystal Dynamics) Escape Form Monster Manor (Electronic Arts) Twisted: The Game Show (Electronic Arts) Road Rash (Electronic Arts) Shock Wave (Electronic Arts) Burning Soldier (Panasonic) Gridders (Tetragon) […] More

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    Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance XBOX Promo/Developement Version

    violentsnake of the Metal Gear collector database let me know about this auction. It’s basically a rare promo item from 2002 which was was sent out to journalists prior to Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance’s release. It’s a very nice looking Konami metal tin, with the disc inside. This is not only a rare item […] More

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    N64 NFR Demos & More

    I`ve been AWOL this past week, so here are a bunch of stuff people have sent me but I haven’t had the chance to mention. Martin_v_z has several N64 NFR (Not For Resale) carts available. Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3, Pokemon Stadium, Star Wars RS, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Majora’s Mask. Nintendo 64 Radio and […] More

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    Playstation PS1 NBA 2Ball (Working Copy #4)

    An alternate title for this could easily be “How To NOT Sell A High Priced Game”. We’ll get back to that in a minute. We covered the first public sale of the PS1 Demo NBA 2Ball back in May. After 25 bids the game ended for $710.00. The auction was widely known, as it was […] More

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    Playstation PS1 NBA 2Ball

    I`m glad to finally see one of these go up for an open sale, as I was actually one of the first people to locate a copy of this disc. More on that in a second. NBA 2Ball is one of the rarest PS1 Demo CDs out there. While in theory there was a reasonable […] More

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    Eye of the Beholder Demo

    Eye Of The Beholder PC Demo Sealed Rare Sealed SSI Eye Of The Beholder DEMO from the description “..the question is how rare are they? That is a question no one can answer. The records of game production for SSI are spotty at best, and I have yet to find any record of how many […] More