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Nintendo Gameboy Color Limited Edition CARD CAPTOR SAKURA

Mario Kart: Luigi Bumblebee Kart

This has to be hands-down the most insane auction I’ve seen during my time at GameSniped. This cart was apparently the grand prize of a Mario Kart 7 sweepstakes held around the game’s release in 2011. There’s no indication on whether or not the car works, but it appears to be in pristine condition. The […]

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Pet Peeving, Autographs and a Dolphin

 Obesity is an epidemic. More troublesome to me is the degradation of the English language, be it verbal or written. Now, don’t get me wrong; I make plenty of spelling and grammatical mistakes all the time, but I feel that is forgivable as long as I’m making the effort to correct myself. All you […]

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Short and sweet

-This seller has some nice items up for auction including a Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonald’s Toy Display, a Metroid Display Banner and a Gameboy Color Display Kiosk. –Earthbound Air Freshener:Â One of the harder to find promo items for the franchise…with 4 days to go and already at $51.09, expect some fireworks! –Mario Bros […]

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