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    Transformation of Wrestling Video Games Pt. 3: 5th Generation

    Fifth generation┬áconsoles refer to the 32-bit and 64-bit gaming systems such as┬áthe Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, and other handheld devices. It’s also known as the 3D era. So, that’s fitting that the revolutionary attitude infused era of professional wrestling received a serious face lift in the video game industry. The time of the older and […] More

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    The Legend of Zelda – Master Sword – Custom Steel Replica with Pedestal

    I’ve seen plenty of Master Sword replicas in my day, official or unofficial, but this one takes the cake. This full scale steel replica features an etched carbon steel blade, resin hilt and pommel, woven leather, and a stone Triforce display base. Absolutely gorgeous – Hylian Shiled not included! That’s a separate quest. Auction Here […] More

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    Sega TeraDrive

    The Sega TeraDrive was an unusual homegrown project by Sega, in which the Mega Drive was fully integrated into a 16-bit PC created by IBM. Rather than simply being another case of the Mega Drive being tacked onto a device, the TeraDrive ran a custom OS (DOS compatible) and allowed the PC and Mega Drive […] More

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    Nintendo Gameboy Bandai POCKET SONAR Fish Finder Set

    Even back in the era of the NES and the Game Boy, Nintendo and its partners occasionally tried to market their video game platforms as something other than a video game platform – something practical, something you can use in your daily life. One of the more misguided attempts at this was the Bandai Pocket […] More

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    E3 Expo 2013 Nintendo Loot

    Didn’t get the chance to visit a participating Best Buy for Nintendo’s E3 antics this year? This auction’s a good chance for you to get the promo items you missed out on for a decent price. This lot comes with the “Year of Luigi” commemorative coin (out of shrink wrap), two Mario Kart flags, a […] More

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    Sega New Challenge Conference Dreamcast Stock Option

    As a Dreamcast loyalist, I thought I had seen everything to Sega’s swan song console – until I saw this, a legitimate stock certificate branded a “Certificate of Dreamcast”. This is apparently a documented Sega stock option that was distributed to select members of the Japanese gaming press during their New Challenge Conference in 1999. […] More

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    Xenogears “Complete Collection” Lot

      Xenogears, the cult classic 1998 PS1 RPG by Squaresoft, has always held a special place in my heart as an RPG that raised the bar for storytelling in video games. Unfortunately, little Xenogears merchandise exists, and that which does exist is poorly documented. Naturally, then, this collection piqued my curiosity. In addition to the […] More

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    Sega Dreamcast Store Display

    Located in Germany, so shipping might suck. From the company that has released several homebrew DC games. Auction Here Also: 24 Game PC Enegine / TG-16 Lot – Includes one of the best and rarest games – Magical Chase. nayrew has two SNES Protos ending shortly – Death Valley and NBA All Stars. No one […] More

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    Mortal Kombat Tee & Other E3 Shirts

    E3 had a lot of interesting stuff, both merchandise and actual gaming news. I’ve mentioned the promo goodies several times now, but have yet to mention my three favorites (aside from the Donkey Kong tie). All three are actually T-shirts. The Dreamcast Tee, Gears of War 3 Tee and greatest of all, the new Mortal […] More

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    Sega Dreamcast Regulation 7 Limited Edition R7

    Link The limited edition R7 Dreamcast was released in Japan. Oddly,”Regulation#7″ actually refers to the second provision of the first section of regulation seven in the Japanese penal code pertaining to businesses that are deemed to affect public morals. The system is a special refurbished Dreamcast that was originally used as a network console in […] More