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    Earthbound Pizza Scratch and Sniff Keychain Promo

    VGMM alerted me to this awhile back, but I never had the time to post it. Apparently, this Promo Keychain was known about for sometime, but had never been officially confirmed to exist until this auction popped up with a lot of assorted Nintendo keychains. Supposedly this item is related to the Earthbound ruler and […] More

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    Mother 1+2 Set Signed by Shigesato Itoi (Creator of EarthBound)

    Another Earthbound item is up for grabs today, a Mother 1+2 GBA Set Signed by Shigesato Itoi. Up for sale is a copy of Mother 1+2 personally autographed by Shigesato Itoi, the creator of EarthBound and the Mother series, as well as a number of other rare items only available at the official Mother 1+2 […] More

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    NIB Super Nintendo Earthbound (VGA Qualified 85+)

    At some point Earthbound became one of the more expensive SNES titles. It really make no sense, as the game isn`t that rare and while I admit it is a fun game, there are much better titles in the Super Nintendo library. Right now a loose cartridge is pulling around $150.00 and nice CIB examples […] More

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    EarthBound 321MOTHER Lego Calendar

    This is a gift calendar from the 321MOTHER event that was held in Tokyo in 2009. The event itself is sort of an Eartbound fan expo. One calendar was given away to each attendee of the event, which means there are probably less than 150 in existence. You can take it apart to change it […] More

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    Playstation 2 Automobile White LE (1/666)

    To celebrate their success of selling the PS2 console in extremely high amounts (In December 2001), Sony made 5 limited edition Playstation 2 consoles. Only 666 pieces were available of each color in each region (US – Europe – Japan) which were Super Red, Metallic Silver, Asutorasu Blue, Snow White and Light Yellow. These are […] More