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    Nintendo D-Pad Teething Toy

    Here’s a teething toy for your little ones. No, it’s not for your cat or dog, it’s for the other little one. Here’s what it says on the description: This teether is 12 cm long (5 inches long), 5cm wide (2inches wide) and 1/4 inch thick. This toy is chemical and toxin-free! It’s laser engraved […] More

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    Etsy Thursdays: It’s expensive

    Here’s some pretty expensive stuff I found on Etsy today. How things have changed over the past few months.. Sellers on Etsy have finally moved on from embroidery pieces (all like 20,000 of them) to customized themed cakes and other great works of art. Mario Inspired Latex Dress Etsy (seller is from Belgium) for $465 […] More

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    Video Game Artwork On Etsy

    After plastering, sanding, painting, electrical, moulding and flooring work, my new home office / game room is almost ready. I actually took some before and after shots, and will be posting them up some time along with a few tips for the renovating gamer who really has no idea what they’re doing (like me). Given […] More