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    A Few Fallout Items

    Fallout New Vegas PAL Full Game Promo Fallout 3 Pip 3000 Clock Replica a few sold upto $119 Fallout New Vegas T-Shirt from PAX 2010 one sold here for $41 More

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    Fallout Three & Interplay Promo Items

    I am a self admitted Fallout fanboy. Expect me to showcase everything I find as the release date for the third installment grows closer. E3 apparently brought some new promo items out for the game. Up on eBay now is an empty Bottle of Nuka Cola and a very unique SimTek 1000 Viewmaster. Nuka Cola […] More

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    Fallout 1 Soundtrack

    Fallout is another series that should get a lot of buzz as the new game comes out. Older merchandise already sells for a fair amount, and I can only see that increasing in October when the new game is released. It has a rabid fanbase (of which I am a member) and there hasn’t been […] More