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    Mr. Game & Watch Action Figure

    This auction still has me grinning. It’s a sweet custom action figure of the Nintendo Game & Watch mascot, Mr. Game & Watch. Link Also: Super Mario Bros Milton Bradley Puzzle 1981 Mrs. Pac-Man Sticker Cards Boxed Virtual Boy Display Sign Sealed NES Chubby Cherub Some Sort Of Forza 3 Branded Racing Seat ModNation Racers […] More

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    One Game & Watch Brochure to Rule Them All…

    I’ve never paid much attention to the collecting world of Game & Watches, but I’d imagine this brochure would be quite a cool addition to a collection. With two days to go and already at $68.01, I’m curious to see what it will end at. I know if I was a collector for the various […] More

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    Famitsu Exclusive Model Game Boy Light Skeleton

    Link It’s been like three years since I’ve seen one of these. I can’t remember what it sold for to be honest, but it was far from cheap. I’m thinking $400 or so. Anyways these were released for the celebration of the 500th issue of Famisu (Japanese video game magazine) and were limited to 5,000 […] More

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    Game & Watch Solar Keychains

    I had one of these Game & Watch when I was a kid and I played it until the buttons wore out. Takara Tomy is revisiting the old but never forgotten handheld with these Game & Watch Solar keychains. You can choose between the three models they have, Octopus, Parachute, and Chef. The solar panel […] More