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    E3 Expo 2013 Nintendo Loot

    Didn’t get the chance to visit a participating Best Buy for Nintendo’s E3 antics this year? This auction’s a good chance for you to get the promo items you missed out on for a decent price. This lot comes with the “Year of Luigi” commemorative coin (out of shrink wrap), two Mario Kart flags, a […] More

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    Xenogears “Complete Collection” Lot

      Xenogears, the cult classic 1998 PS1 RPG by Squaresoft, has always held a special place in my heart as an RPG that raised the bar for storytelling in video games. Unfortunately, little Xenogears merchandise exists, and that which does exist is poorly documented. Naturally, then, this collection piqued my curiosity. In addition to the […] More

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    Lot of 8,690 Nintendo GameCube Games

    This is quite possibly one of the biggest lots I’ve ever seen. Such a big lot from a large volume seller makes me doubt how many of these can actually be fixed, but I found this one pretty interesting. Links If you’re looking for something better suited to starting a complete collection (or for resale […] More