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    NES Classics GBA Boxed Set

    NES Classics are the Australian and European equilavent of the North American Classic NES Series (Famicom Mini Series in Japan). They’re basically Game Boy Advance ports (I think they’re actually emulated though) of games that were originally released on the original NES / Famicom. The games also saw two special edition Game Boy Advance SP’s, […] More

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    Game Boy Advance GBA Hand Painted by Dave Mira

    This auction is for a One-of-a-Kind Game Boy Advance, Hand-Painted by BMX SuperStar, Dave Mira. Back in 2002, Nintendo and Stuff Magazine (now part of Maxim Magazine) ran a “Play for America” contest with three “extreme” athletes, where each one painted a Game Boy Advance for charity. Tony Hawk (pro skateboarder), Kelly Slater (pro surfer), […] More