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    Mega Man The Wily Wars (Sega Mega Drive)

    Mega Man: The Wily Wars is a compilation of remakes of the first three NES Mega Man games. It was a Japan and PAL release, although it was avilable in North America via the Sega Channel service. The premise of the compilation involves Dr. Wily traveling back in time in to defeat Mega Man in […] More

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    Top Fighter MK 2000 VIII

    This is a very, very wierd Sega Genesis pirate. It features fighters such as Goku, Ryu, Kyo, Cyclops, and oddly enough, Michael Jordan. Auction Here Check out Sega-16s review of the game. This sums it up quite well: But to summarize on the presentation…man, I can’t believe I’m saying this…Top Fighter is probably the flashiest […] More

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    Reproduction Sega Master System Games

    This seller has a ton of nice Sega stuff. Brazillian Master System Exclusives, Korean Genesis Games, Portuguese Master System Exclusives, PAL Games, Kixx Exclusives, Sealed Copies, Unreleased games and more. The later presumably being reproductions, or “reprogrammed” as the auction states. Lots of cool stuff for Sega fans. Also: 1997 E3 Zelda Ocarina of Time […] More

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    Sega Action Chair

    The Sega Action Chair is not something you see every day. This rare chair is actually a controller. Lean backward or forward to go down and up and lean left or right and it goes (obviously) left or right. Two handles contain the buttons for start, select, A and B. Basically, it’s a chair mounted […] More