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    Rare Korean Sega Master System Games

    Long time readers of gameSniped know I have a fondness for Korean stuff. Seller mltvwrs has a ton of it, mostly Sega. While there are a few things I like there, what is most interesting are the auctions which have ended. Case in point, this Dodgeball King 7-in-1 Sega Master System SMS Mark III 3 […] More

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    Korean NES Games & Sega Employee Items

    There are several Korean NES games on eBay at the moment. Condition looks a little rough, but these don’t show up on eBay very ofter. Only one I’ve seen in the last three months has been a loose SMB/DH which sold for $36.00. In Korea the NES was released by Hyundai as the Comboy. At […] More

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    Korean Games

    I wouldn’t call Korean games rare – if you’re in Korea. You don’t see many of them for sale in America however. Side note: If anyone knows of any online stores that carry Korean games, let me know. One seller has several available right now. Mega Drive Battle Mania, SNES Yoshi’s Island 2, SMS Game […] More