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    Large Zelda Statue

    A very rare lifesize Zelda Link statue,also includes it’s own base,sword and shield. Size:Over 6 foot,approx 186cm including the base. Condition:A very small amount of paintwork needs to be touched up slightly(it’s so minor you probably won’t even notice,please take a look at the pictures I’ve posted). The statue has been in a shop window […] More

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    Lots Of Zelda Goodies

    Seller martin_v_z has a bunch of neat Zelda stuff up for sale. Sealed stuff, Limited Edition systems, Not For Resale games and more. Nothing totally mind blowing, but lots of solid stuff for Zelda fans and collectors. Although the Zelda’s Adventure CDI Prototype is definitely pretty unique. The opening bid on a lot of stuff […] More

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    Eat, Sleep, Breathe Nintendo

    Seller eat…sleep…breathe…nintendo has a bunch of awesome stuff up for sale. Highlights include the vintage Zelda Towel, Earthbound Pog and the ever classic Link Costume. The 1989 Halloween costume consists of a vinyl torso & leg smock as well as a plastic mask, made by Ben Cooper Inc. This one seems to be a bit […] More

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    The Legend Of Zelda Floor Mat (1989)

    I came extremley close to hitting the BIN on this, but I’ll share it with you guys. There’s a bit of damage, but you don’t see many of these is any condition. Link (Thanks Docman217) Also: Awesome Megaman Towel Starcraft 2 Promo Poster Metal Gear Solid 2 Promo VHS More

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    Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Archery Set

    These don’t show up stateside too often, and unsurprisingly, this one comes from Germany (with international shipping). Forget the Crossbow training on the Wii – this is how to shoot like Link. Low starting bid too, which is great as every other one I remember seeing recently comes with some massive BIN. Auction Here Also: […] More