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    Mass Effect inspired Nerf gun

    A few days ago while browsing the Nerf section at Toys R Us, I wondered, why haven’t these guys make replica guns from video games? If you’re not familiar with Nerf, they make everything from gatling guns, to bow and arrows, to swords and shields. It’d be nice to see Gears of War Lancers and […] More

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    Call of Duty 2 XBOX 360 Plaque

    I am very tempted to keep this one for myself and throw in a bid. The seller shares that they came across the plaque in a thrift store in the same area as Infinity Ward’s Headquarters (Encino, CA). It is a framed copy of a COD 2 Disc (360) and a plaque which reads: CALL […] More

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    Special Edition Mass Effect 2 XBOX 360

    The Bioware Bazaar was a promo recently held by Bioware . It consisted of a ton of online auctions that used tokens, which were awarded by completing various challenges. Up for grabs were the usual games and t-shirts, but also some limited edition items such as autographed books and lithographs. In addition to this one […] More