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Mario Kart 64 AM FM LED Digital Clock Radio

Nintendo Game & Watch Mickey Mouse Panorama

This is one of the rarest models of Game & Watch around. There were two different Game & Watch models produced under the name “Mickey Mouse” – the first of which was a Wide Screen model game later released in the US as “Egg”, and the second of which is the Panorama model pictured above. […]

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Promotional Pamphlets Are Cool…I Swear!

      I’m not sure how many people are aware of this meaningless little factoid, but I absolutely adore promotional Nintendo pamphlets. There have been so many (and Nintendo continues to pump them out for the current gen) and almost noone has taken the time or effort to document them…it is […]

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McDonald’s All-American Personalized PS3 console 3

McDonald’s All-American Personalized PS3 2009

While the PS3 is solely lacking in Limited, Contest and Special Edition systems, this is a nice addition to the roster. According to the seller: My daughter was an McDonald’s All-American for basketball in 2009 and won a personalized PS3 game console. The cover of the PS3 has “McDonald’s All-American 2009” She has only used […]

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