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    Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES

    This guy has already got a bit of press, hence the price. Cool system too, awesome cutout and internal lighting. Auction Here Also: 1994 Nintendo MEGA MAN Cartoon Original Production Animation Cel Elec & Bomb Man – Looks like they’re kissing. Rockman X 5 in 1 Sega Genesis Mega Man Drive Rockman X3 Mega Man […] More

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    Mega Man Original Animation Cels

    These are from the 1994 Ruby-Spears/Capcom Studios animated series.   [phpbay keywords=”mega man” num=”10″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” sellerid=”vegallery” templatename=”columns” columns=”2″] More

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    Let’s look at Mega Man Stuff

    While Capcom is on everyone’s shit list at the moment, some of the Mega Man stuff are shooting up in value (like Tron Bonne for Ps1, is used to be worth jack but lately the value has been going up and up) here are some sold items recently (i had these on my watch list): […] More

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    Mega Man E & Warp Pipe Mugs

    Mega Man’s been around since the NES days. It celebrated it’s 20th year back in 2007 and the series is still going strong. In Japan, there’s probably a crap load of merchandise dedicated to this sidescrolling hero. Here in the U.S., we get them pretty rarely. is a site dedicated to bringing quality geek […] More

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    Mega Man The Wily Wars (Sega Mega Drive)

    Mega Man: The Wily Wars is a compilation of remakes of the first three NES Mega Man games. It was a Japan and PAL release, although it was avilable in North America via the Sega Channel service. The premise of the compilation involves Dr. Wily traveling back in time in to defeat Mega Man in […] More

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    Mega Man X Nintendo Power Pogs

    Pog. Glorious, glorious Pog. Featuring X, Zero, Sigma, Launch Octo and Double A. Auction Here – $2.99 While we’re looking at Pog, there’s also a promo best buy set with Mario, Sonic, Tails, Donkey & Diddy Kong for $12.00. Also: Twisted Metal Black Employee Business Card Holder Transformers PS2 Press Kit Bionic Commando Promotional Patch […] More

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    Mega Man Lot

    This is a nice mix of all the Mega Man games that spanned on many platforms including a sealed copy of Mega Man Legends 2 (worth upto $300 alone). 10 percent of the proceeds goes to Child’s Play Charity. Some of the games are signed by Inafune himself though its kinda tough to see some […] More

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    Mega Man CES Promo Hat

    eBay seller mywatchlist has a bunch of stuff listed again. Nothing super crazy now, but lots of decent stuff. Highlights include the Pepsi Super Secret Cards (relisted for like the third time and discussed in detail previously) and this Mega Man CES Promo Hat. I`m posting all the current auctions, and admittedly there are some […] More

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    I Missed the Boat

    I’m actually quite bummed…I was looking to feature this but kept getting sidetracked, so unfortunately this has already ended. The auction was for a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time print ‘signed’ by Shigeru Miyamoto (though the seller states it is a preprinted autograph on the paper). Either on the reverse side or on a […] More

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    Rockman 4 Gold Famicom Cart

    Rockman 4 Gold Famicom Cartridge Only 8 copies around. Because the carts were issued as prizes for those who won the RM4 Japanese boss design contest back in 1991. Design one of the 8 Robot Masters (bosses in the game) and get a golden copy Famicom grail. Notes From Link From what I can dig […] More

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    I think Im watching Megaman…. In French

    My son, while not even remotely bilingual, will frequently watch French cartoons on CBC. While personally I enjoy my French Spider-Man, I think we’re watching some sort of Megaman Ainme. Im very confused though, as while some guy looks 100% like Dr. Light, I have seen no Robots, and Wiley appears to be a slick […] More

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