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    MegaHouse Mini Rockman Mega Man Mascot Figures

    These twelve figured were released last year sometime in June. The 30mm figures are based off of the likeness of numerous classic series characters, and another Series was planned but has not shown up yet. MegaHouse released the figures in a “trade” manner; in other words, you needed to purchase them at random. From what […] More

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    Rockman Megaman Sineca Taiwan Handheld

    I`d love to know more about this, but there is almost zero information on the web. It seems to be a LCD Pirate handheld released around the time of Megaman 3, as some of the characters on the box are Hard Man, Magnet Man, Shadow Man, and Proto Man. Also, it seems Sinece released at […] More

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    Mega Man X Nintendo Power Pogs

    Pog. Glorious, glorious Pog. Featuring X, Zero, Sigma, Launch Octo and Double A. Auction Here – $2.99 While we’re looking at Pog, there’s also a promo best buy set with Mario, Sonic, Tails, Donkey & Diddy Kong for $12.00. Also: Twisted Metal Black Employee Business Card Holder Transformers PS2 Press Kit Bionic Commando Promotional Patch […] More

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    I think Im watching Megaman…. In French

    My son, while not even remotely bilingual, will frequently watch French cartoons on CBC. While personally I enjoy my French Spider-Man, I think we’re watching some sort of Megaman Ainme. Im very confused though, as while some guy looks 100% like Dr. Light, I have seen no Robots, and Wiley appears to be a slick […] More