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    Yoshi’s Story International Version N64

    Yoshi’s Story International Version is one of the rarest carts for the N64. Apparently, this Nintendo 64 cart was rumored to be in existence for N64 collectors, but had yet to be confirmed until the first one surfaced in collector circles in 2007. One person just vaguely remembered seeing one during the N64 heyday in […] More

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    Lots Of Zelda Goodies

    Seller martin_v_z has a bunch of neat Zelda stuff up for sale. Sealed stuff, Limited Edition systems, Not For Resale games and more. Nothing totally mind blowing, but lots of solid stuff for Zelda fans and collectors. Although the Zelda’s Adventure CDI Prototype is definitely pretty unique. The opening bid on a lot of stuff […] More

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    N64 NFR Demos & More

    I`ve been AWOL this past week, so here are a bunch of stuff people have sent me but I haven’t had the chance to mention. Martin_v_z has several N64 NFR (Not For Resale) carts available. Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3, Pokemon Stadium, Star Wars RS, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Majora’s Mask. Nintendo 64 Radio and […] More