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    2005 Xbox 360 Launch Team Edition Set

    This is widely considered the rarest Xbox 360 model ever made, distributed to key members of Microsoft’s Xbox hardware development team. This specially colored 360 includes matching controller and HDD, a unique Dev Team serial number, as well as a special blueprints “I Made This” faceplate. Please note that the model featured here has fallen […] More

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    Nintendo Game & Watch Mickey Mouse Panorama

    This is one of the rarest models of Game & Watch around. There were two different Game & Watch models produced under the name “Mickey Mouse” – the first of which was a Wide Screen model game later released in the US as “Egg”, and the second of which is the Panorama model pictured above. […] More

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    Sharp Nintendo TV

    It’s known to many Famicom collectors that Sharp released several variants of TV set in Japan containing a built-in Famicom. It’s a lesser-known fact that Sharp released two variants of that TV in North America, redesigned to contain a North American NES. Here is one, in allegedly working condition. Since this is a CRT TV, […] More

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    E3 Expo 2013 Nintendo Loot

    Didn’t get the chance to visit a participating Best Buy for Nintendo’s E3 antics this year? This auction’s a good chance for you to get the promo items you missed out on for a decent price. This lot comes with the “Year of Luigi” commemorative coin (out of shrink wrap), two Mario Kart flags, a […] More

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    Zelda: Majora’s Mask NFR N64 Demo Cart

    Unfortunately it’s a reserve auction, but there seems to be a lot of interest in this Zelda cart, even with 1/5 of the front sticker missing. From Seller: You’re looking at an extremely rare video game. This is the gray Majora’s Mask Not For Resale Demo cartridge. This cart was used in store kiosks for […] More

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    Complete N64 Cart Only Collection

    As far as I can remember this is the first complete N64 collection I have seen for sale. I believe there were 387 N64 titles, with 308 of those being US releases. There are a lot of games for the system that fetch decent prices, but none that are overly rare. Some of the rarer […] More