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    Limited Edition Nintendo DS Collection

    Ending later tonight is this sweet little collection of LE DS systems. There are thirty in the lot and it includes both US, EU and JAP systems, most complete. There is a lot of rare stuff here. 1. Ace attorney dsi JP-complete with game (mint)-includes ace attorney dsi strap! 2. Maple story dsi Korea-complete with […] More

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    Red Bull BC one DS Lite LE

    RED BULL BC ONE LIMITED NINTENDO DS LITE …I’m featuring this, but I must admit that the game is very far from my tastes. Other stuff worth mentioning: Atari 2600 Lab Loaner Prototype Jungle Hunt 64DD Development Kit Nintendo NFL QB Club Brett Favre Autographed Award from thethingsfind On our forum we have member who […] More

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    Win A Free DSi XL

    DS Lite: 3 inches DSi: 3.2 inches DSi XL: 4.2 inches Bigger is better right? Anyways, if you want gameSniped to win a free Nintendo DSi XL, which I will then give away to somone who voted for us, please go here and vote. All you need to do is leave a comment voting for […] More