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Nintendo World Exclusives

Been sort of out of the loop lately since I’ve been doing other things.. But a friend of mine texted me a few weeks back about an exclusive release at Nintendo World here in New York City. To celebrate the Hyrule Warriors release, Nintendo announced that there’s a limited edition version of the game that […]

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Custom Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Wow, two custom items in one day? Maybe we’re starting to hit the summer lull for sales. Anyways, I wish this chess set was available for purchase, becuase I would but this in a heartbeat. The creator spent a few months sculpting these beautiful pieces. Check it out! Link Speaking of Zelda, there will be […]

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Window Shopping Nintendo World

I was downtown today and thought I should stop at Nintendo World. I thought maybe they had something special for the big announcement next week at E3 ’11 – but there were really nothing but just a few flyers and some of the Nintendo World employees were wearing shirts that says don’t miss the event. […]

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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom event in NYC

Me and a few friends went to the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom launch event at Nintendo World today here in New York City. It was a fairly small event, nothing big and nothing fancy. They held a competition to win a free copy of the game before it comes out on tuesday January 26th. Ryota Niitsuma, […]

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