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    World’s Ugliest Pac-Man Plush

    Title is self explanatory. For your Consideration is this Large Vintage 1980’s With Original Hang Tag Pac-Man Pal Circle Plush Toy. Very Hard to Find this type of Original Pac-Man Plush along with it’s existing hang tag! The Hang Tag Describes This as “A Pal to Pac Your Toys & PJ’s Into”. There is a […] More

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    Pac-Man Auctions Galore

    Looks like a collector is blowing out their Pac-man collection. It’s crazy though, as it seems I see someone doing the same with tons of auctions every couple of months. I like the Soap and Sponge best. (Thanks Greg!) Update Auctions Now Completed – See Here Side note: Remember the Google Pac-Man Anniversary celebration? Well […] More

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    1983 Pac-Man Cereal

    Pac-Man Cereal hit the shelves in 1983, trying to ride the huge wave of success the arcade game was experiencing. The cereal was a “crunchy sweetened corn cereal with marshmallow bits”, featuring mashmallows shaped like Pac-Man and the ghost characters – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Later they did special editions with Ms. Pac-Man marshmallows […] More

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    1980 Pink Pac-Man Vitamins

    Mmmmmm… Thirty year old vitamins. Link I dug pretty deep through video game merchandise over the past couple days. At one point, I’m pretty sure I broke 100 tabs open in Firefox. Came up with a lot of good stuff. Resident Evil Code Veronica Metal Plate – Overpriced, but I’m curious how this promo item […] More

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    Lots Of Nintendo Promo Items

    eBay sellerĂ‚ gameoverrgĂ‚ still has a ton of nice Nintendo Promo Items at what I would consider cheap BINS. This Nintendo NHL Stanley cup SNES hockey puck for example, is one item I haven`t seen in years. I remember it selling for significantly more than this BIN as well. Cheap enought that I`m tempted to […] More

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    Playstation 2 Automobile White LE (1/666)

    To celebrate their success of selling the PS2 console in extremely high amounts (In December 2001), Sony made 5 limited edition Playstation 2 consoles. Only 666 pieces were available of each color in each region (US – Europe – Japan) which were Super Red, Metallic Silver, Asutorasu Blue, Snow White and Light Yellow. These are […] More