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    1993 Super Mario Pin Set

    This is a pretty sweet pin set, and not exactly common either. It includes 19 badges and were released in 1993, around the same time of Super Mario All-Stars after the success of Super Mario World. I’ve seen these sell for $150 shipped, so this is a good deal here. Link ($90 BIN) Also: Prototype […] More

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    Playstation 2 Automobile White LE (1/666)

    To celebrate their success of selling the PS2 console in extremely high amounts (In December 2001), Sony made 5 limited edition Playstation 2 consoles. Only 666 pieces were available of each color in each region (US – Europe – Japan) which were Super Red, Metallic Silver, Asutorasu Blue, Snow White and Light Yellow. These are […] More

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    Promo Items From 92/93 CES

    This is an interesting bit of history, with a 100+ item collection of booklets, pamphlets, posters, trinkets, pins, and more that was collected from both of these shows by a teenage kid. There’s a couple pins in the lot that would make it worthwhile on their own, let alone the other hundred or so items […] More