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    Sealed Nintendo NES NTDEC Brazillian Pirates

    NTDEC (Nintendo Electronic Co.) was a Taiwanese company that manufactured games and accessories for the NES and Famicom. NTDEC produced a large number of pirated copies of games between 1989 and 1991, which were sold in Asia and in the USA via mail order. Unusually among pirate cartridge manufacturers, NTDEC cartridges are often identifiable by […] More

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    Smart Boy NES Nintendo Cartridges

    We seem to get a couple of these carts every year, and I love to mention them as they’re pretty neat little games and fetch a really nice price. Basically, they are just glorified pirates which were marketed to rental stores. Our occasional contributor Limbofunk has done quite some research on these and their origin. […] More

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    Top Fighter MK 2000 VIII

    This is a very, very wierd Sega Genesis pirate. It features fighters such as Goku, Ryu, Kyo, Cyclops, and oddly enough, Michael Jordan. Auction Here Check out Sega-16s review of the game. This sums it up quite well: But to summarize on the presentation…man, I can’t believe I’m saying this…Top Fighter is probably the flashiest […] More

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    Cheap Brazilian NES Games

    If I was still actively collecting NES, I would grab a ton of these in a heartbeat. While a lot of these games aren’t truly rare, their location makes them somewhat difficult to acquire. Most of these look to be in good condition too, which is a plus as I’ve always found a lot of […] More

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    NES Peek-A-Boo Poker

    Peek-A-Boo Poker is just like regular online poker, except for the fact that it’s quite sleazy. The game was made by Panesian in 1991 and it featured full frontal nude sprites. This was one of three “adult natured” titles by Panesian, the two other titles being Bubble Bath Babes and Hot Slots. All three titles […] More

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    Final Fantasy 7 (VII) For The Original Nintendo NES

    Credit for this article goes to Derrick at The original NES has brought us many classic games. Super Mario, Punch Out and Legend Of Zelda are all games which spawned amazing series that are still around today. Sometime however, the same works in reverse. The ingenuity of Famicom pirate companies have brought the wonders […] More