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Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue Limited Edition Character Figurine

Skyrim Dovahkiin Statue

This hulking statue of the Dovahkiin was used to promote The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda has a history of using large statues to promote their games – they also used a large statue of a power armor suit to promote Fallout 3. Hollow, so it’s not nearly as heavy as it looks. The ultimate […]

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Sega New Challenge Conference Dreamcast Stock Option

As a Dreamcast loyalist, I thought I had seen everything to Sega’s swan song console – until I saw this, a legitimate stock certificate branded a “Certificate of Dreamcast”. This is apparently a documented Sega stock option that was distributed to select members of the Japanese gaming press during their New Challenge Conference in 1999. […]

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Sony PlayStation EMPLOYEE ONLY Custom Bar Set

Signed Game Boy Light – Game Circus ’98 Famitsu F-02 Edition

This item is truly a piece of history. To celebrate its 500th issue, Famitsu created the special “F-02” model Game Boy Light, which could be obtained one of two ways. A mail order model came in a rather bland package, marked as an F-02 “Skeleton” model. The second “event” model, shown here, was distributed at […]

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