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    Mega Man Legends 3 Poster

    It’s sad that Mega Man Legends 3 Project got cancelled. It’s the second Mega Man game that got canned this year to following Mega Man Universe. Who knows when we’ll see Mega Man again. If it doesn’t make Capcom millions of dollars, it’ll probably wont get made. But, luckily for us, we can always look […] More

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    Ken Griffey Jr’s Autographed Baseball

    I’ll make this post quick as I just came across this Autographed Baseball, a promo from the Super Nintendo game Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run. The seller’s description is pretty bland, but this was supposedly a gift that was given to Nintendo executives and key business associates. EDIT: I just did some searching and came […] More

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    Cool Charity Auctions

    Seller goodgamemedia has a bunch of charity auctions ending tonight, with 90% of the proceeds set to go to Childs Play and the other 10% to the Brian Wood Memorial trust. Lots of promos and cool signed items. [phpbay]””, 20, “”, “”, “”, goodgamemedia[/phpbay] Also: ENSLAVED Collector’s Edition RESIN STATUE – Limited to 200. Promo […] More

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    Rare Fallout Memorabilia for Sale

    icemanxx has some cool Fallout pieces up for grabs. Includes Vault Boy Hand Puppets, Signed Collector’s Edition Game Guides, a Signed Collector’s Edition Game, two Pip-Boy 3000s, a Signed Vault 77 Poster, as well as four large advertisements used by Bethesda to promote Fallout 3 in the Washington DC Metro Center Subway System. These ads […] More

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    Stuntman Ignition In Game Posters

    According to the auction, these full theatrical-sized posters were made and sent to movie theatres to help promote Stuntman: Ignition. A series of them, each featuring the fictional movie titles featured in the video game storyline, were only sent as promotional materials and even the design team members were not able to gain a complete […] More

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    Hideo Kojima Autograph Signing Poster

    Rare poster from the event ph3ared posted last week. Even if attendees could easily grab one of these, numbers are still going to be pretty limited. Link Thanks arakias! Not surprisnly, there are several signed items starting to show up as well. [phpbay]Hideo KOJIMA signed, 5, “”, “”[/phpbay] More

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    Some random bits and bobs

    Toy2r Qee Limited Edition Xbox 360 Faceplate Michael Jackson Moonwalker Sega Poster Mario Kart 64 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle First post! Be gentle 🙂 Note from Link: Please welcome ShovelThumb to the site. He’ll make making a few occasional posts, and it our dedicated searcher for all things eBay UK. More