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    Robert Bryne’s Pool NES Unreleased Prototype

    From what I understand, Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge was first know as Cue Stick when it was being developed by Odyssey Software during 1992. It was later passed onto American Video Entertainment. AVE opted to license the game with the then famous shark Robert Byrnes. Apparently Byrnes requested some last minute changes just before the […] More

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    First Party NES Nintendo Mario Prototypes

    First party prototypes tend to show up much less frequently than ones from other developers. Internal security and regulations and well as desirability of many titles are probably the main reasons. One seller however, has two up at the moment. One for a Super Mario / Duck Hunt / Track Meet and the other for […] More

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    Atari 2600 CX-2000 “Val” Prototype Console

    We’ve already mentioned the Atari 2600 CX-2000 “Val” Prototype Console here, when it first went up for auction. To summarize myself: The Atari 2000 (model number CX-2000) was a 1982 prototype version of the Atari 2600 intended to be released as a more affordable alternative targeted at children. While it is technically the same as […] More

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    SNES Review Copies

    One seller has four SNES review/prototype/sample carts up at the moment. Available are Cybernator, R-Type III, NBA Give N Go and Super Biker Mice From Mars, all starting at AU $99.95 (Approximately $83.36 US) Also: NES ACCLAIM Wireless Controller Cardboard Display Nintendo Power “Get With It” CES Kit Wizards & Warrior X Gameboy Demo Terminator […] More

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    Commander Keen PC Beta Recovered

    If you’re somewhere on the cusp of thirty like me (dear god), and have been playing games since your youth, then you probally have fond memories of Commander Keen like myself. Aside from being fun, the game is notable as one of the first DOS games to successfully replicate the side-scrolling action of the original […] More