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    Net Yaroze System Sony PlayStation 1 PS1

    The Net Yaroze project started in March 1997 and was Sony’s attempt to allow bedroom coding for the PS1, making it something of a predecessor to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Games. Basically, a dev kit, the $750 USD package contained a special black-colored debugging PlayStation unit with documentation, software, and no regional lockout. A computer […] More

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    Unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

    In January at a PlayStation event held in Tokyo, Sony revealed a program whereby “certified” PlayStation games would be made available for mobile phones. Sony is calling this idea “PlayStation Suite”, a mobile gaming platform of sorts designed for Android phones. It will feature Original PS1 games and apparently the first ones to launch on […] More

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    Playstation PS1 Development Hardware

    Basically up for grabs is the development environment to create your own PlayStation games. The Net Yaroze only really allowed you to to code games to fit inside the paltry 2Mb of system RAM. With this kit, the right set up and mindset you could possibly create something much more wonderful! These particular boards were […] More

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    N64 NFR Demos & More

    I`ve been AWOL this past week, so here are a bunch of stuff people have sent me but I haven’t had the chance to mention. Martin_v_z has several N64 NFR (Not For Resale) carts available. Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3, Pokemon Stadium, Star Wars RS, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Majora’s Mask. Nintendo 64 Radio and […] More

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    Fallout Three & Interplay Promo Items

    I am a self admitted Fallout fanboy. Expect me to showcase everything I find as the release date for the third installment grows closer. E3 apparently brought some new promo items out for the game. Up on eBay now is an empty Bottle of Nuka Cola and a very unique SimTek 1000 Viewmaster. Nuka Cola […] More