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    Dead Space Lithographs Signed by Dev Team

    It’s not everyday that you see videogame-related lithographs signed by virtually an entire development team. Seller jayonhavok however, has listed several such lithographs. They’re Dead Space lithographs and I’m sure the seller managed to get the art prints signed because all the proceeds will go to charity. You can find the full suite of listings […] More

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    Cool Charity Auctions

    Seller goodgamemedia has a bunch of charity auctions ending tonight, with 90% of the proceeds set to go to Childs Play and the other 10% to the Brian Wood Memorial trust. Lots of promos and cool signed items. [phpbay]””, 20, “”, “”, “”, goodgamemedia[/phpbay] Also: ENSLAVED Collector’s Edition RESIN STATUE – Limited to 200. Promo […] More

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    Belgium Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64 Pack

    Alright, I freely admit I know nothing more about this other than the auction data. How did I get it? I bought this box years ago from a former Belgian Nintendo Employee for a reasonable price (for a Brand New Nintendo 64) She obtained it as a Christmas Present. On the side flap of the […] More

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    Sealed & Autographed GBC Shantee

    One of the rarest GBC games, signed by the designer Matt Bozon, and the composer Jake “virt” Kaufman. I think the winner got this for a nice price. Also: NES Megaman 5 Review Cartridge (NA Forums) Vintage 1980 Pac Man Light Switch Cover Street Fighters Thumb Fighters SF4 Promo Metal Gear Solid Series 1 Figure […] More

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    Hideo Kojima Autograph Signing Poster

    Rare poster from the event ph3ared posted last week. Even if attendees could easily grab one of these, numbers are still going to be pretty limited. Link Thanks arakias! Not surprisnly, there are several signed items starting to show up as well. [phpbay]Hideo KOJIMA signed, 5, “”, “”[/phpbay] More

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    Signed 360 Merchandise On Auction For Charity

    Seller GoodGameMedia is selling signed 360 merchandise on behalf of Childs Play Charity, a global charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in over 60 hospitals worldwide. Items on auction include: Mass Effect 2Â signed by Bioware staff Halo 3 controller signed by Bungie staff Fear 2 faceplate signed by Warner Bros / Monolith […] More

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    Eminem Signed DJ Hero Renegade XBOX 360

    This is an autographed copy of DJ Hero Renegade Edition (the CD is signed). It was won in a contest from GameStop. Link More interesting stuff (to me): Super Mario Bros. 2 Glass Jar Sealed Intellivision Fathom Complete Intellivision Stadium Mud Buggies Twinkle Tale JP Megadrive Brand New XBOX Steel Battalion w/ Controller – It […] More

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    Signed Call Of Duty 4 Poster

    I would love to buy this Call of Duty 4: Mordern Warfare poster autographed by ALL the developers at Infinity Ward. It’s one of my favorites games of the past few years and would look awesome matted and framed. However, I think the sell has his hopes set a little high with the starting bid. […] More