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Nintendo Gameboy Color Limited Edition CARD CAPTOR SAKURA

Mario Kart: Luigi Bumblebee Kart

This has to be hands-down the most insane auction I’ve seen during my time at GameSniped. This cart was apparently the grand prize of a Mario Kart 7 sweepstakes held around the game’s release in 2011. There’s no indication on whether or not the car works, but it appears to be in pristine condition. The […]

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Lunacy Sega Saturn used complete

Sharp Nintendo TV

It’s known to many Famicom collectors that Sharp released several variants of TV set in Japan containing a built-in Famicom. It’s a lesser-known fact that Sharp released two variants of that TV in North America, redesigned to contain a North American NES. Here is one, in allegedly working condition. Since this is a CRT TV, […]

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