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    Super Famicom BS-X Sattelaview

    Perhaps the most famous of Nintendo’s console addons next to the N64DD, the BS-X Sattelaview was a revolutionary device that supported game and content downloads in the pre-Internet world, much like Sega Channel. Unlike Sega’s cable-based strategy, however, Nintendo decided to take another option – sattelite transfer, via a now-defunct Japanese sattelite company named St. […] More

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    Super Nintendo SNES Control Deck Tester

    This unit tests a variety of functions, and despite being mentioned already this week, deserves another mention. Mainly, to check the video below for it in use below. Auction Here I`ve actually been doing a lot of SNES searches lately, mainly due to my new obsession with the several insanely hard to find PAL releases. […] More

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    Super Famicom Box Nintendo Hotel System Console

    The Super Famicom Box was a game system used in hotels in Japan. Using special carts, the hardware was a play to play system. Insert money, and you were given five minute of playtime. The games themselves were specially produced multicarts with more than one game on them. One such cartridge contains Star Fox, Super […] More