Video Game Merch May Now Be as Close as Your Local Neighborhood Super Store – PLUS The Firecore Sega Genesis

Hey all, it’s Kim here. I’m back with a question for all of you: Where do you typically find your game merch? Also, how many of you shop at Target (or at least have a Target nearby)? The Target games department, which is usually pretty decent in my experience, seems to have expanded a little further. Now you can get your video game merch at Target stores.

Target Set to Take Over In The World of Video Game Merch?

I’m sure a lot of you have bought Target video games, but there’s a lot more than games there now in two sections. The Target gamer gear section includes various video game merch from key chains to clothing, cups to caps, and bags and backpacks. You can also find collectible character figures from amiibo, Funko Pop!, various NFL players from Madden, and a few others.

target gamer gear
Source: Video Game Memorabilia Museum
Video Game Merch
Source: Video Game Memorabilia Museum

Target Retro Gaming May Be Beefing Up To Take On Online Retailers

Target retro gaming has some similar items (socks, etc.). If you go by the picture, it looks like mostly Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. with a little Sonic the Hedgehog thrown in the mix. Keep an eye, more items might show up closer to the holidays. One of the items that specifically piqued my interest is the Firecore Sega Genesis Classic Game Console. You can get it for about $40, but it’s only available in the stores. Keep in mind, this Sega branded console clone from ATGames ONLY plays the original Genesis/Mega Drive carts. At this time, NO compatibility exists for the 32x/Sega CD peripheral add-ons/games.

firecore sega genesis classic game console

This mini console comes preloaded with 80 games. That includes Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic 2 and Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and 3. So not only does it come with this long list of preloaded games, it plays Sega Genesis carts too. You can play games from your own collection or head over to the ‘bay and find some deals on old school games.

Since I brought up the Firecore Sega Genesis Classic Game Console, here are some amazing games you can pick up to play:

Sticking with the Sega theme, here are few other items I came across:

Images from Video Game Memorabilia Museum


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