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Name’s Bill. I’ve been a fan of the site for some time now and wanted to contribute. You’ll see me pop in occasionally (hopefully!) with interesting items of nostalgia and rarity, please enjoy. My current fascination is the SEGA 32X. I originally purchased one on its downhill slide for $25, and more recently while trying to complete a full collection.

It seems like someone has almost beat me to it with an near perfect PAL collection. I say near, its missing Primal Rage, but does include the rare PAL exclusives DarXide and FIFA Soccer ’96. The amazing factor comes in when you realize that everything is sealed! Almost too good to be true…

Auction hereÂ


MEGAÂ COLLECTIONÂ ANDÂ MegaCDÂ 32XÂ CDÂ Same seller as above, impressive!
Sega Megadrive Genesis 32x DARXIDE Region Free – Well-done repro of the PAL exclusive
Snatcher (Sega CD 1994) Near Virgin Rare & Hard To Find Complete – a Kojima masterpiece
Radiant Silvergun (Sega Saturn) NEW SEALED MINT VGA 90!
OFFICIAL SEGA BRAND / BRICK MASTERÂ – Anyone with the Genesis/CD/32X combo can appreciate this!


Written by Bill

Retro-videogame enthusiast and all-around nerd.


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