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The Original Duck Hunt

Guess what? The NES version of Duck Hunt you’ve known your whole life was actually a remake. The first and original Duck Hunt game was released by Nintendo in 1977 and consisted of a projector device that flashed orange ducks on your wall. It also came with a light gun, which worked the same way as the more well-known version — a brief flash when you pulled the gun’s trigger measured if you’d hit the target or not.

If you always wanted to be rid of that laughing dog, there was an option this entire time.

Mint Condition 1977 Duck Hunt Game


Yoshi’s Story: International Version One of the rarest N64 carts there is. This guy’s cart has been up for months now. Someone else just put up their own copy at nearly three times his price. Good luck with that, pal…

Playstation 2 Hanging Flourescent Store Sign
Rare Nintendo Blacklighted Display Sign
Radiata Stories Promo Poster
8-Inch Tomb Raider (new version) Lara Figure
5 NES Cart Dust Covers (very cheap price; ends soon)

Written by Torque Smacky

Other things I've done, written and pooped out can be found in one place: I am also the founder and editor of BANG! The Entertainment Paper, a Portland publication spotlighting creative talent.

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