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The Wü Fit

The umlaut has been used in all kinds of names. Motley Crüe for instance.. What about Brütal Legend? Or better yet, what about Umlaut the black metal lookin’ character from Guitar Hero? So many uses.. The Chinese however, cleverly used it to name a knock-off balance board for the Wii called the Wü Fit 🙂

This thing actually came out some years ago. I just remembered it recently and thought it deserves another funny mention. So tonight I did a little bit of digging, and found that Deal Extreme actually sells these things still (while you’re at the site, check out the Wu Component Cable fer the lulz~). Like many other knock-off accessories from China, this balance board looks exactly like the original. I wonder if they sell these at the Chinese Wal-Mart…

Link to eBay listing – $150

DealExtreme Product Page – $99.00



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