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Turok 2 PC Special Members Edition With Sealed GBC Version

This might be a nice little pick up for you Game Boy collectors out there. While a new Turok 2 is probably not the most interesting sealed GBC game you can come across, the packaging manages to make this one unique.

This PC version of Turok 2 is marked as a special “Member’s Only” edition. After talking to the seller he’s not even completely sure what member this refers to, as it has been in his collection for nearly a decade. In addition to the cd-rom, manual and inserts, it includes a sealed copy of the GBC version. Interesting concept, as I can’t think of any other PC release (special, limited or otherwise) that included the console version of the game as well.


Side note: Turok 2 in general is one of those few PC games you should keep in mind. It seems to fetch a decent price, from $20.00 – $40.00.

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