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Twisted Pixel’s Comic Jumper Custom XBOX 360

I’ve talked to quite a few 360 collectors over the past few years as I have a huge ammount of love for the LE systems that are out there. Most of them (like myself) consider systems like this more of a Limited Edition (as opposed to a custom) given that it was internally produced. Call it what you want, but things like this are going to be huge holy grails for XBOX collecting years in the future.

You’re bidding on a unique, one-of-a-kind Xbox 360!! Customized for Microsoft Game Studios to celebrate the release of Twisted Pixel’s Comic Jumper on XBLA, it was destined to be part of the IEB Permanent Collection of customized game hardware at Microsoft.

Now, to help Japan Relief, we’ve removed this item from the Microsoft vaults, and you have a chance to own a piece of history! The crew at Twisted Pixel have also graciously agreed to sign the console (or the box, if you don’t want to mess up the art)!

This slick Xbox 360 also comes with a redeemable tokens for every single XBLA game ever published by Microsoft Game Studios. (Well, all the ones you can still get on the service… No Yaris for you, sorry!) From Castle Crashers to Comic Jumper, from Band of Bugs to Braid, you get it all! If you’ve already got some of the games, you can give the tokens to friends or family. The possibilities are endless!

Umm, what? IEB Permanent Collection? That’s the Ineractive Entertainment Business division and from the sounds of it they have an internal NintdoWorldish display / collection.

Auction Here
– 100%- of the final sale price will support American Red Cross.

I actually want this really, really badly. One way that is ever happening though is if I grab my credit card and find some Mastercard Online Casinos. Slots, Bingo, whatever. Hitting a jackpot is about the only way I’m ever going to afford this.


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