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Two More Atari 2600 Air Raid Cartridges

It is definitely an interesting time to be a member of the video game collecting community.

It all started with an auction for a NES system, which also contained a copy of Stadium Events. With a final price of around $13,105.00, the sale saw tons of coverage in various non video game media, starting I believe with an article on Yahoo. After that, a huge amount of Stadium Events were listed, as people dug them out of their collection, or realized that they were sitting on a gold mine. Granted, many of them were the significantly less valuable PAL version, but many legit NSTC copies showed up as well. The highlight however, was a Factory Sealed copy which ended for a final price of $41,300.00 (although from what I understand, it eventually sold for much less).

This sale saw tons of media exposure on the auction, and on video game collecting in general. It even made it to CNN! One of the articles mentioned other games, such as Air Raid.

Long story short, someone saw it and thought they had a copy. Turns out they were right. Even better, they managed to dig out the only confirmed copy of the box. Ending price? $31,600.00 – and it was paid for.

Since then, two more Air Raid cartridges have been listed. With under 20 known copies, it`s no small deal. A year or two ago, a loose cart would sell for roughly $3,000.00. Not cheap by any means, but I have a feeling all the recent exposure should push the prices higher.

Anyway, back to the point.

Available is a very nice copy, which was already in collectors hands.

This game is the 11th of 13 listed on the Atari Age forum. I am the second owner of this game. I purchased it from the original owner in April 2009. The original owner stated that he had bought this game in the early mid-eighties and that the game had been in storage since at least 1987 until March 2009.

There is also a horrible condition copy.



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