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Typing of the Dead for PC

There’s not really a lot of games that involves typing. In fact, the only game that successfully mixed the two together was Typing of the Dead for the Dreamcast. Who would’ve thought that typing silly and nonsensical words could be fun while killing zombies that ooze green blood. Thanks to Sega, we all had a reason to buy the Dreamcast keyboard or an adapter for one to say the least. And people that can type fast have become gamers overnight (like my wife).

It’s another one of those games that you saw at a Best Buy on clearance for a penny maybe or maybe even at CompUSA when they were having their liquidation some years back but you just never really payed attention to. You’ll probably never see a reprint of this game. Rather than a reprint, maybe an Xbox Live Arcade or a PSN port instead, yeah Sega?

Take2 was the one that published the PC version back in the U.S. in November of 2001 and a PS2 version was released exclusively in Japan that bundled a keyboard. Remember the awesome Dreamcast backpacks the character’s carried throughout the game? On the PS2 version they did the same but was replaced by a white PS2. There was also a revised PC version last year (in Japan) with a job hunting mode which helped people find jobs (WTF?). I never got to see the original arcade version that was released around 1999.

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