Unhealthy Diet = FarmVille loot = eBay loot

In July of 2009, Facebook users were introduced to one of the most addicting almost-free-to-play online (MMO) games to date: FarmVille. This simulation/RPG game have generated millions of people in just a few months. 24.6 million to be exact. The game is later released on the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

It didn’t take long until someone, or rather a company to notice it’s money potentials. 7-Eleven, a 24-hour convenience store here in the U.S. partnered with Zynga, creators of FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille, to offer branded items on their products which includes Slurpee (yumm..) and Big Gulp.

“Consumers will be able to purchase specially marked products to receive a redemption code that can be used for a new, limited-edition virtual good in one of three Zynga hit games. Product codes can be redeemed online at  In addition, consumers can also earn an über gift in each game by purchasing unique qualifying items and participating in at least one in-game activity, like mastering a crop in FarmVille, vaulting a collection in Mafia Wars and redeeming seven items in YoVille.FarmVille, the über gift is 200 FarmVille cash; Mafia Wars, 50 Skill Points, and YoVille, a virtual Slurpee machine.
Fans have access to more than 30 different products in their stores which includes not only the Slurpee and Big Gulps but also all fresh sandwiches, pre-cut fruits, select bottled water, ice coffee and ice cream. I’m a regular at 7-Eleven and i’ve seen these products since July and thought they were pretty interesting. Just like any other DLC exclusives for console games, these codes have been sold on eBay as well. Though back in July there were people who were actually selling the codes with the sandwiches still intact – well at least they showed it on the pictures :).
And there are tons more here.. I don’t really think some these things are profitable unless you sell them in bulk. But maybe i’m wrong.. Maybe some of these sellers are just trying to get their money back from the crap they bought at 7-Eleven.. Until when is 7-Eleven doing this? According to the website it’s only through July 15th of this year. But I still see some of these branded products in their stores so maybe it was successful that they decided to extend it. Some or even most of these codes could become rare once they stop distributing them almost like rare and exclusive DLC (ie. Fable II Code from the Limited Edition bundle, etc.). Everything and anything is for sale on teh eBay.

Warning: gameSniped is not to be blamed for your unhealthy diet. Blame teh eBay. 😛

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