Unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

In January at a PlayStation event held in Tokyo, Sony revealed a program whereby “certified” PlayStation games would be made available for mobile phones. Sony is calling this idea “PlayStation Suite”, a mobile gaming platform of sorts designed for Android phones. It will feature Original PS1 games and apparently the first ones to launch on the service will be Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, Rally Cross, Medievil and Syphon Filter.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (codenamed Zeus) is an upcoming handheld gaming smartphone and the first device to be part of the PlayStation Certified program. The device was originally thought to carry the PlayStation branding, though this has been clarified to be a certification of the program.

The device was revealed officially for the first time in a Super Bowl ad this year and then later announced it would be shipping globally in March 2011.

The phone hasn`t officially released yet, but some have been given out at the the 2011 Game Developers Conference. These appear to be the Europen version, but are unlocked so they should work in the US on AT&T and T-Mobile.

Auction Here – Price has broke $2,000 with ten hours or so to go.

There`s a large amount of zero feedback bidders in this one, so who knows if the end price will be paid for. Another one recently ended for the same price range, but again, lots of zero feedback bidders. A third one ended as well, but for around half the price.

I`m guessing these are probably selling to some rich folk who want the prestige of owning a phone that hasn`t been released, not someone who wants it for the ability to play PS1 games.


Sega Dreamcast Promotional Folder – Cheap.
Bioshock 2 Promotional Syringe Pen – These were fetching a lot at one time, but end for a lot less now. Might be a good one to grab and flip when the next game comes out.
1988 Official Nintendo Legend of Zelda Link Pin – My namesake. I have an affinity for vintage pinbacks.
1980 Pac-Man and Ghost Pins – Mint on card! The man and either Inky or just Blue Mode Ghost.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Basketball – I would use this and evertime I scored would yell `GTA MUTHA$?$/”%?!`.
Jack Bros Virtual Boy American US Version – Wonder if the 3DS is gonna re-ignite some interest in collecting for the VB?
SNES Battleclash Prototype – Ends today and has no bids. Possibly a good opportunity to own a first party proto for $69.13.
Sealed Sega Game Gear Games – $30 shipped for seven sealed titles seems like a decent deal.
Boxed Grandstand Munchman Handheld – Munchman is a tabletop game Pac-Man that was released under license in 1981 in the UK by Grandstand. Pretty cool, in that the display is based on VFD technology. It allows bright, multicoloured in-game elements to be rendered but at the cost of a relatively small screen size.
Sega Genesis System Streets of Rage 2 Bundle – Mentioning this primarily becuase Streets Of Rage 2 is possibly my favorite Genesis game ever and I did not realize there was a bundle package.
Vectrex Multicart
Mario Gamecube Bobblehead – Target Exclusive from 2002

Lastly, this lifesized Link statue is ending today.

Zelda Muckle Figures that were made upon request of Nintendo of Europe to the introduction of Twilight Princess in Europe. Muckle Mannequins made these in Germany in a cooperation with the Australian OXMOX Studios.
Check their website and you will be impressed of those limited figures like: Samus, Terminator, Joker and others. They have also some hi-def pictures of this figure on their site. Never for sale and only a couple of hundreds to my knowledge made their way to top selling Nintendo retail partners in Germany (Europe). Only way of getting hands on those, know the retail store manager.

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